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Crail festival


19 - 29 July


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Ceramic Robots, Spacemen & Daleks Workshop for Children (8 years and over)

In this year’s ceramic workshop we will be making robot sculptures. Robots can imitate many different forms. They can look like mechanical versions of humans, animals or insects. They can serve a particular purpose to make life easier for the humans who made them. That purpose might be for good or evil. What will your robot be used for? Will it be based on a human, animal or insect? Will it look something like a Cyberman or a Dalek? Using simple geometric shapes make a drawing of the robot you would like to make in clay and bring it along to the workshop as a guide.

Legion Hall

10.30am & 1.30pm

Tickets £5.00

Festival Quiz

Our popular quiz returns in the usual format. A quick-fire event divided into five sections with twelve questions in each; Music, People and Place, Television and Film, Sport and Picture Quiz.   

The quiz master is supported by an audio-visual display offering teams alternatives to the traditional way of delivering quiz questions and answers. Additionally, there is the challenge of an individual round based around a single theme. Regular score updates build towards an exciting climax, the winning team presented with the Festival Quiz Trophy and prize bottles.

Teams of six are invited to participate but we will find places for smaller groups and individuals.

Kirk Hall


Tickets £5.00  BYOB

Bring your own refreshments